The story of the Limestone Ball.


This is a photo of a picture postcard printed circa 1910 of West High  School located on the S.E. corner of 15th & Center street in Des Moines, Iowa.

The original red brick portion of the bldg. was built in 1888.  In 1902 the limestone addition, shown at the rear of this photo, was completed.

The image below shows a closer view of the limestone addition.




This photo was taken circa 1920 of the newer limestone addition to West High School.
Between the years of 1943 and 1958 Des Moines Tech. High School was located here and took up both the old and new sections of the bldg.

At the upper left hand corner of the photo our limestone ball can be seen.  In 1976 the structure was torn down by the White-DeCarlo Demolition Company and the ball was taken to the residence of (J.C.) Cliff White located  South of Grand Ave. in Des Moines where it was used as a lawn ornament.






In November of 2001 the ball was removed from the recently sold (J.C.) Cliff White residence in Des Moines and relocated to Larry & Barbara's residence in West Des Moines.  This was accomplished with the help of Dan DeCarlo & crew
from the DeCarlo Demolition Company.

The ball now is located on the S.E. corner of 22nd & Vine Street in West Des Moines.



It is interesting to note that Cliff White attended High School at West High in the 1920's
and Larry Woolis was in the last class to graduate from Des Moines Tech. High School, located in this building, in 1958.