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Robert Brinton passed away in October of 2011 just five days after his 60th birthday.  Robert was many things to many people, a family man, a leader in his church, President of the Mesa AZ Convention & Visitors Bureau, past president of the AZ baseball Spring Training Cactus League and past "Big Ho" of the Mesa Hohokams.  Robert & his family was instrumental in bringing Spring Training baseball to the Mesa area & in recent years keeping the Chicago Cubs team in AZ for Spring Training.  The general public did not know much about Robert Brinton.  Robert constantly worked behind the scenes and never wanted any accolades for his work.  I have had the honor of working with Robert the last few years by providing him with the photographic tools at my disposal.  I along with many others will miss him greatly!  


I have been posting some new photos to the "Vintage Iowa Cubs" section.  When I can dig out some old negatives and scan them into Photoshop I add new material to this section.  Check them out!  Please note: The first year the Iowa team was affiliated with the Cubs in AAA (1981), they were named the Iowa Oaks.


Just a little personal trivia.  Over the past twenty plus years I have given, free of charge, over 1000 photo enlargement prints to our ball players and their families.  I have made and distributed over 300 computer CD photo presentations to our fans and players, free of charge.  I have been asked many times how much I spend per year on my "freebies".  On the average my "out of pocket" expense runs around $300 to $400 per year.  The expense of photo and computer equipment is another thing entirely and amounts to well over $10,000.  My wife, Barbara and I have two season tickets at both the Des Moines & Mesa, AZ Cub's ballparks. 


The majority of the I-Cubs photos, I take, are shot at "day" games because of better lighting conditions.  For that reason I do not get photos of every player on the team because they just might not have been playing in a game I photographed.  In other cases the photos I took of an individual player might not have been good enough for me to include them in my website photo gallery. 


Because I have  large amounts of photos posted on the various Cub's photo pages it takes a  long time to download the "thumbnail" images on slower "dial-up" internet connections.  I apologize for this problem but my intent is to give you the most complete I-Cubs photo coverage with the highest quality images I can provide.  This problem was brought  to my attention when I saw one of the I-Cubs players trying to access the website on one of the laptop PC's, in the coaching office, while using a, slower than normal, phone line connection.  This particular connection took over three minutes to download the 100's+ "thumbnails" where my normal connection with broadband cable takes less than two seconds!!!


Bing Russell passed away in April of 2003.  Bing and his wife Lou were regulars at Iowa Cub's games when Bing's Grandson, Matt Franco, was playing for Iowa.  Bing as well as his Son, Kurt Russell, were veterans of many motion picture and TV episodes as well as being involved in baseball for many years.  It was my pleasure to get to know Bing while he was in Des Moines and his many stories about his Hollywood and movie experiences enriched my love of motion pictures.



Larry Woolis