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Many of you have noticed that I have not been posting photos from recent I-Cubs games.  I have been having health issues that hinder my mobility.  With some of the changes to the Iowa park I cannot get into the position I need to get the shots I want.

During Spring Training the Mesa park has helped me get around my problems & enabled me to continue shooting while setting down in the stands.  I posted quite a few shots from 2017 Spring Training.  However since getting home from 2017 Spring Training I have had problems with falling down & it looks like I will NOT be able to make it to Spring Training in 2018.  My health issues involve Spinal Stenosis  which effects my balance & I fall down which is not good if  you are hauling photo gear that is worth, literally, thousands of dollars!  The Stenosis is not my only problem but with going on 79 years of age the old body is starting to wear out!



Robert Brinton passed away in October of 2011 just five days after his 60th birthday.  Robert was many things to many people, a family man, a leader in his church, President of the Mesa AZ Convention & Visitors Bureau, past president of the AZ baseball Spring Training Cactus League and past "Big Ho" of the Mesa Hohokams.  Robert & his family was instrumental in bringing Spring Training baseball to the Mesa area & in recent years keeping the Chicago Cubs team in AZ for Spring Training.  The general public did not know much about Robert Brinton.  Robert constantly worked behind the scenes and never wanted any accolades for his work.  I have had the honor of working with Robert the last few years by providing him with the photographic tools at my disposal.  I along with many others will miss him greatly!  



Bing Russell passed away in April of 2003.  Bing and his wife Lou were regulars at Iowa Cub's games when Bing's Grandson, Matt Franco, was playing for Iowa.  Bing as well as his Son, Kurt Russell, were veterans of many motion picture and TV episodes as well as being involved in baseball for many years.  It was my pleasure to get to know Bing while he was in Des Moines and his many stories about his Hollywood and movie experiences enriched my love of motion pictures.



Larry Woolis