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   Larry Woolis, photographer of the AAA Iowa Cubs for the past 30+ years.

Many of Larry's baseball photographs have appeared in various publications, on baseball cards & commercial internet websites.

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Barbara White (Woolis) & 100+ year old, 8 ton limestone, decorative ball that her father (J.C.) Cliff White had removed from the old West High and what was later Des Moines Tech. High School bldg. in Des Moines, Iowa in 1976.  The ball is now used as a lawn ornament at Larry & Barbara's home in West Des Moines, Iowa.

                                                             Limestone Ball Story.





 Dan Woolis, former Iowa Cubs batboy & clubhouse worker, musician with
 popular late 1980's R&B group "Little Queenie" &  co-owner (with Larry)
 of Batboy Sport Cards & Rare Coins in Des Moines.


Little Queenie Photos.



One of Larry's many hobbies has been collecting Ivory Carvings, especially Oriental Netsuke & Okimono.
Click here for examples of these carvings.

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